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All stances of a Scrummaster:

Everyday Scrummastery (Sketchnote by @jpartogi – the website doesn’t exist anymore…)

Barbara, what do you do throughout the day in your job? This is a question I get asked frequently, not just from individuals unfamiliar with software development. Most of the time, I struggle to find a concise one-sentence explanation. This article sheds light on what we do, our responsibilities, how we work, and the essence of servant leadership (Agile Team Coach = Scrummaster).

The most impactful role I play is at the team level, and I build on that foundation. Teams are the heart of every product and organization. I experimented with working at the organizational level, but my weakness in creating presentations (PPT, to be precise) became evident, leading to failure. I am hands-on, and my superpower lies in „doing things“ rather than just talking about them. When information is thrown on us without any chance for interaction it is very often a waste of time. How does our brain process information? Right: not by listening alone. We need to DO something with it.

What about you? What is your superpower?

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The Scrum Master in a Nutshell – Geoff Watts 

„One of the most transformatory and misundertood roles. So powerful but under-rated.
The world of work needs more great Scrum Masters“


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