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X-Team Silos: Playfully experience the advantages of a T-Shaped team (game)

X-team Silos Game – getting in T-shape

this game shows the advantages of a team in a playful way, where the people have a so-called t-shape skillset. What does this mean?
I have my main competencies, e.g., as a Backend Developer, but I also know about Frontend. In discussions about product development, this is very helpful in understanding correlations. And: It doesn’t mean, that a Backender has to do frontend stuff. This is a widespread misconception and some people are afraid of it.

You can do this exercise in person but also remote, I’m pretty sure, there is a Miro Board somewhere out in the Miroverse.


2 Antworten zu „X-Team Silos: Playfully experience the advantages of a T-Shaped team (game)“

  1. Avatar von Per Lundholm
    Per Lundholm

    Thanks for mentioning this little creation of ours. It has had a widespread success and translated to several languages.

    1. Avatar von barbnerdy

      Hi Per,
      thank you so much for this nice comment. I fund out about this game alreadysome years ago, when we all still worked in an office.. and I think it is just wonderful!
      Greetings from Berlin!

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