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Dysfunction Mapping with Michael Loyd

starting a role as a Scrummaster / Agile Coach with a new team can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. As a Scrummaster, you see so many „Antipatterns“, that it is hard to find a starting point. The Dysfunction Mapping brings more structure into this chaos. This is a place where you can store and organize all your findings from your first week of observation. YES, please, don’t start to change anything in your first month, just observe! I know it is hard and some managers might put pressure on some topics that they might want you to solve immediately. Please make clear, that we as Coaches / Scrummasters are not „Fixers“ (love this word, have read it in the fantastic book: „Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching„. When you talk to the team and pretend you want to „fix“ something, then they feel like they have done something wrong.

–>Better: Hei, I observed this ….  and I have a hypothesis that this could cause this…. (never reaching the sprint goal, etc.) what about trying out this….  to solve it?

Michael Loyd – Dysfunction Mapping Slides

At the latest Hands On Agile meetup, I learned a lot about how to organize my work as an Agile Coach. I will add the video once it’s online. What stood out for me in this talk was, that I not only learned how to organize all the findings but also how to build a hypothesis and how to measure my success, build my backlog and how to prepare the talk with the manager(s).

Trying to solve ONE THING AT A TIME


Michael also has a complete Dysfunction Mapping Workshop Template out there on the Miroverse: LINK


Read more about it here on Michael Loyds Medium:

Dysfunction Mapping – A tool for effective agile coaching

Dysfunction Mapping – Michael Loyd

The video of Michael’s talk for the Hands On Agile community is available now:


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  1. […] In this article, Johanna Rothmann goes into detail about where and how flow metrics can be used reasonably. At the team level and also for the Dysfunction Mapping which is a great tool to feed the discussion outside team and with management. This is one of my tools in my imaginary toolbox I use with the Michaels‘ Dysfunction Mapping. […]

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