How it all started:

As Head of Editorial for the Classical Music Streaming App for Klassikradio (in 2016… after working already since a long time in the international Musicbiz  [i-Tunes, google music and before the internet for labels, artists etc… ], I was working very closely with the Product Owner of the app. Curious me, I asked a lot of questions… so I quickly got into the Scrum methodology and had my own kind of „Backlog“. My curiosity aroused even more and I started reading articles about Scrum and Roman Pichlers Book about Product Management. While reading I can’t stop nodding my head. Inspect & Adapt, working in sprints and not in milestones, empirical.. everything suddenly makes sense. After I have finished the book I started to compare my skills with the skills needed to work in this field and most of it was already there.  Many of the people- / soft skills felt very natural to me, as I worked such a long time with artists. And the rest: learning/training. No rocket science. I did my Scrum certificate and started working in this field. At the beginning as PO but then at Mayflower in Berlin, I worked the first time as a ScrumMaster. I found my new profession and now I’m on my way to become an awesome Agile Coach.

Till now I gained much experience working with teams different maturity, facilitated a lot of events and workshops, held some talks and sessions, organized the Agile Camp in Berlin and I’m very much looking forward to what else to come.


For everything before that please have a look at my CV,  you can download it here. 


get in touch via –> info at hallama [dot] org