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Visualisation, the secret power

But where to start, when the team dismisses your idea of using a whiteboard and sticky notes with: Ah no, we don’t need that „schnick schnack“.

Not only is visualisation one of the principles in Kanban, where we start with visualizing the current workflow/process. It also helps in every kind of planning, workshop, brainstorming session etc.


  • Clear Goal
  • Whiteboard (online or in the room, when it is an in-person workshop)
  • Good pens! (in-person)
  • PostIts (in-person)


💡Start with a little explanation of how to use Post-Its best. Most people will tell you: Hey… my handwriting is SUPER bad.. the trick: „Writing in Caps“

How to: Writing on Post-Its


The scenario:
The team may be discussing a new feature in the planning meeting. A lively discussion ensues and many new ideas for implementation are put forward. Some more, some less detailed and then, after just a few minutes, we’ve completely lost the overview. Everyone* tries to complete their idea in their brain.

How and what can I contribute here as a team coach?
Get out a whiteboard, and a few PostIts and start putting what you’ve heard onto the board. You don’t need great visual sketch note skills here, just start putting PostIts on the board. Experience has shown that new notes are added very quickly by at least one other person (the rest will follow) because as a team coach, I am not involved in the technical side of things. And my notes may not be beneficial. Slowly, the team is taking it over.


What happened here?

  • Leading by example: Just get started and the team will follow.

As moderator and facilitator, I can focus now on keeping the time-box, taking care if we are still on route to the goal we set in the beginning.

Try it out, it’s really fun and you don’t have to be a world champion in drawing / sketchnoting.


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