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Daniel Stillman: „Your next meeting should be silent“ (are you a good listener?)

Did you know?
💡 –> We think too fast. Researchers have clocked inner speech at a pace of 4,000 words per minute — which is about 10 times faster than verbal speech. That kind of inner speed means that most of us can’t possibly be listening to everything someone else is saying…we’re already thinking about what we could say next.

No (fun) fact: My attention is now greater with regard to this subject. It is not always funny, to recognize how many people don’t really listen…

I love the stats, Daniel Stillman always brings up in his brilliant articles and his book „Good Talk“.

Now check yourself. Do you think you are a good listener? Or do you think while you „hear“ the question about possible similar situations you can talk about them now…. ?

Great article, why –>  Your next meeting should be silent


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