SHARING MEANS CARING – knowledge is growing when it’s shared

Aino Vonge Corry — On Teaching and Learning (Video)

How do you learn? Are you a slow-thinker, a sequential thinker or a global thinker? Did you ever wonder if your participants can follow your ideas and practices? Did you ever wonder why you don’t „get“ it when someone tries to explain something?

We are all individuals and as facilitators, we are in charge of finding out, how the people in our team want to learn.

I’m the best when I can act on learning.  Let’s call it: „Just-in-time“ communication. And now think about all the „on-boarding“ hours you spent already in your live. Sometimes this takes a week of staring at PowerPoint presentations without any form of interaction. What a waste of time, right?

Me as facilitator –> I don’t want to change people, I change the chairs in the room

@Aino Vonge Corry — On Teaching and Learning (Agile meets Architecture 2023)


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