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Tobias Mayer: „The Scrum Master is a poet“

What is a Scrum Master? I often hear this question, and in every company, it has a different meaning and responsibilities. It takes a lot of courage to work in this role:

„The scrum master is an organisational poet. Her material is not language, but environments and relationships. The scrum master sits on the edge of the corporate melee, thoughtfully figuring out how to rescue lost souls from hierarchical, procedural hell, free them up to become the creative humans God made them to be, while at the same time calming the fires of hubris, vanity, indignation, and self-righteousness that threaten to consume them.“ (Source:


This definition responds very much to the idea I have. Being a Scrum Master has a lot in common with me being a DJ. Reading the room, educating people while having fun. Giving them room to explore but at the same time holding them IN the room.


This was in 2023 when I had the chance to play for 10,000 people in Munich at the KLIMASTRIKE – Demo:



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