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Running Team-Health Checks

When I start working with a new team, one of the first things I do, is to conduct a Teamhealth Check. There are several ideas out there. The most famous I guess, is the Spotify Squad Health Check. It doesn’t matter, which one you use, just think beforehand, about what categories make sense to monitor over time. Yes: OVER TIME. Do it frequently and you will see what is changing over time. And of course, you will learn about the impact of your work. Tip: If you do this online on a whiteboard like Miro/Mural etc. make sure, that the cursor of the participants is hidden. So you can avoid people doing the same as their colleagues.
A nice intro game before you start the activity:
Bring the team together in pairs so they can talk about a topic you provide for around 3 minutes.  It can be something work-related but also a chit chat, where they talk about a hobby, experience, holiday etc. After 3 or 4 minutes, bring them back together as a group and let them explain, what they heard of their partner. (timebox this to 30 seconds).
So you will have the attention of the group already at the topic, it is a fun and sparkling intro / icemelter / icebreaker and it can also lead to more teambuilding when they find out what else they have in common.

This is an example of a light version of a team health check


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