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How to experience „FLOW“ in a remote setting

Picture:  Sindre Aalberg via Unsplash


When I posted the link to the article about „Flow Metrics“ and the problem with multitasking, I pointed out this great article from Johanna Rothmann and the video of Henrik Kniberg, a great discussion on LinkedIn evolved, where we also talked about exercises to experience the „Flow“.

Johanna was so kind to write a new article where she created a new remote simulation that showcases agile principles, like „FLOW“.  It’s a game ahead of the ball game you might have heard of. (in-person)
What I like about it, she added more perspectives, so it creates even more learnings.

I’d love to try it out soon, and it is very smart that she uses the term „simulation“ instead of game or play.  It makes a fun thing more serious without taking away the fun. People love fun. It’s a great way to learn.. but this is a topic for another article.

Here it is: How to Change a Workshop In-Person Game to a Remote Simulation for Effective Results


Tobias Mayer added a link to another exercise: Multitasking is Evil from Clarke Ching, which you can do alone. Love this!

Have more ideas? Just write it in the comments.


Glad, that this post resonated and brought out so many new ideas. Pure: Sharing means caring, knowledge is growing when it’s shared. 



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