Currently available but still doing [fun] things:


Lucky me, I spent some time on this wonderful island La Palma, right before the craziness started.. (some impressions on Instagram)


AVAILABLE as Scrum Master / Agile Coach:

Just finished a project at ARCHITRAVE in Berlin as Scrum Master for their engineering teams, facilitating meetings, retros ad workshops for other units of the company, introducing agile games and waving the flag for an agile mindest & teaching agile methodologies.

I’m co-organizing the Agile Camp in Berlin (20192020) with Stefan Wolpers and the  next #PLAY14 weekend in Berlin along Julian Kea, which will happen again in June 2020.
Other than that I’m helping organizations, interested groups of people and even friends in getting their things done in agile way.

–> Download my CV here

Some fun things I did in 2019, too:

And What else am I doing?

When I’m not waving the agile flag, convincing random strangers to play games etc… I’m digging and playing (DJing) weird HipHop and Bass – Music. You can find my music recommendations on my Support Your Local Ghetto Tumblr and most of my mixes on my Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis – Accounts.
I also have a blog (or 2) with a lot of music industry things, good stories, bad stories, fun things etc.. (currently on hold) –>

And WHAT else??

….. biking! Love biking in the beauty of Brandenburgs nature with my road bike „Mr. Weasel“

Mr. Weasel and Me in front of Lieblings-Späti in Berlin