For a few years, I’m working as a ScrumMaster for the people, this is my passion. The definition comes close to what Tobias Mayer describes in his book: The People’s Scrum.  I’m also a huge follower of Richard Kasperowsky’s Core Protocols for creating a psychological safe working environment. Working together with people and helping them to work even better together as a team in an organisation. But last not least, what would be the everyday work without having fun! Recently I discovered doing sequences to start a meeting (icebreaker) for an engineering team is big fun! And it works…
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Other than that, I’m  doing a lot of things around the agile world, here are some of the fun things I did over the last 4 years:

And What else am I doing?

When I’m not waving the agile flag, convincing random strangers to play games etc… I’m digging and playing (DJing) weird HipHop and Bass – Music. You can find my music recommendations on my Support Your Local Ghetto Tumblr and most of my mixes on my Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis – Accounts.
I also have a blog (or 2) with a lot of music industry things, good stories, bad stories, fun things etc.. (currently on hold) –>

And WHAT else??

….. biking! Love biking in the beauty of Brandenburgs nature with my road bike „Mr. Weasel“

Mr. Weasel and Me in front of Lieblings-Späti in Berlin