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For a few years, I’m working as a ScrumMaster for the people, this is my passion. The definition comes close to what Tobias Mayer describes in his book: The People’s Scrum.  I’m also a huge fan of Richard Kasperowsky’s Core Protocols for creating a psychologically safe working environment. Working together with people and helping them to work even better together as a team in an organisation. In a relatively short amount of time, I had a chance to work with many different teams, team settings and companies. Here are just some quotes:


 „A neutral observer and facilitator who helps teams work better together through experience and understanding with individualized assistance.“

„Barbara has always inspired us to reflect and change perspectives and encouraged us to see and think differently“

„…..structure and order the chaos in people’s minds.“

„I’d rather change the chairs in the room than people“ 


And last not least, what would be the everyday work without having fun! Recently I discovered doing sequences to start a meeting (icebreaker) for an engineering team is big fun! And it works…

How my career as ScrumMaster started? Read HERE

Other than that, I’m  doing a lot of things around the agile world:

And What else am I doing?

When I’m not waving the agile flag, convincing random strangers to play games etc… I’m digging and playing (DJing) weird HipHop and Bass – Music. You can find my music recommendations on my Support Your Local Ghetto Tumblr and most of my mixes on my Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Hearthis
I also have a blog (or 2) with a lot of music industry things, good stories, bad stories, fun things etc.. (currently on hold) –> (Sharing Means Caring)

And WHAT else??

….. biking! Love biking in the beauty of Brandenburg’s nature with my road bike „Mr. Weasel“

Mr. Weasel and Me in front of Lieblings-Späti in Berlin